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TV Bike of Holland

The TV Bikes are available from 2 till 6 pedal seats. This can be increased to 18 seats in total.

 Only the left steering wheel does work. The one at the right is for the playful look and you can use it as a handle. If you want to fulfill this in a different way, contact us!

 The brakes are the two handles underneath the steering wheels. The brake pads will be pushed on the wheels at the back. So the multiply person TV Bike will standstill in a few seconds. We also offer bikes with more brake pads. If this is one of the options you’re interested in. Contact us!

 The seats are easily adjustable with a adjustment screw. The most comfortable way to ride the TV Bike is that you make sure you pedal with almost stretched legs.

 From the age of 5, mostly the kids can reach the pedals. For the Health Care Sector we can add foot fixation on the pedals. 

 The length of the TV Bike is 10,99ft, the width is 3,51ft.


TV "Piet Plezier" 2 pedal seats E-Bike and the pedal seated trailer


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    About us

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