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About us

What you should know:

Our TV Bike ‘Piet Plezier’ will be custom made! Every adaptation is negotiable!

 You have the possibility to add a face to face non pedal seat to every TV Bike.

 You have the possibility to add a child seat (age 2-5 years) to every TV Bike.

 You can choose the color of the TV Bikes ‘Piet Plezier’ yourself!!

 If you have any technical questions we will help you with all the information you need.

 You are always welcome to visit our location to see our show models and take a test drive. Contact first via TVbikeofholland@gmail.com

 The shipping time is 3 – 4 months

 The standard pricelist is on the site. If you want to receive a personal quotation please contact TVbikeofholland@gmail.com 

Who are our customers?

 Campings, recreation- and theme parks who are based out of the city centers. This is because the visitors can make a predetermined tour in the nature or in the more peaceful areas.  You can also add a game related challenge like a photo-seek-tour or a puzzle tour. When you or the area offers more recreation you can combine these TV Bike tours with other activities so people stay on your property for a longer time! This makes that you recoup your investment even faster! If you want to be an official TV Bike location please contact us and ask for the possibilities.

 The Health Care Sector is also very interested in all the offers that TV Bike can provide. This is because that even 1 mentor can go outside and can transport a minimum of 3 clients. The electric pedal assistance is not the only thing that makes this work. Also the seatbelts and the foot fixation can be added so the mentor doesn’t have to worry. We are working on a new model for the Health Care Sector as we speak. We will show you this model as soon as possible!

 Also, the After-School-Care has found the easy way of using the TV Bikes. Don’t forget that children from the age of 5 years old can already reach the pedals. The bikes will be used to go outside so the passengers can enjoy the nature. This often goes in combination with the trailers we offer. This way, you can transport more children! You can also use the trailer to place the groceries in if you go out for a picnic.

What products do we offer?

 TV Bike ‘Piet Plezier’ 2-, 4- or 6 pedal seats. With or without children seats in the front and non pedal seats in the back.

 TV Bike Trailers in different options. We offer trailers with pedal seats and non pedal seats. The non pedal trailer can transport even 8 children or carry luggage.

 TV ‘Bike of Holland’ is a electric pedal assistance bike for 2 or 4 person. This is a lightweighted and sporty bike.

 TV ‘StepAway/Swingtrike’ for 1 person. This one is on sale. See the news page on the site.

Terms of Payment:

 50 % of the total with the order
 The other 50% is due 3 days before the delivery.

Transport costs:

 € 0,50 per kilometer based from Oisterwijk, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands

Paint shop:


Toin Verhoeven,
0031 6 547 95 376


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